What Is the Age of Consent for Intercourse in Washington?

The age of consent for participation in sexual activity is 16 years old in Washington State. When a person reaches the age of 16, they could lawfully consent to sexual intercourse with a legal adult that is 18 years or older. There are lots of exceptions for this guideline, talked about below. The chronilogical age of consent rules within the state of Washington are relevant to both heterosexual and activity that is homosexual.

Relating to Washington legislation, «consent» ensures that at the full time associated with the work of sexual activity or sexual contact you can find actual terms or conduct indicating freely offered contract to own sexual activity or contact that is sexual.


  1. Do you know the Exceptions to Age of Consent Rule in Washington?
  2. What’s the “Close in Age” Exemption?
  3. Exactly what are Washington’s Penalties for breaking the Age of Consent?
  4. Can I Consult a lawyer If we Violated age Consent in Washington State?

Exactly what are the Exceptions to Age of Consent Rule in Washington?

There are numerous exceptions where 16 12 months olds may possibly not be in a position to consent to activity that is sexual. They are the following:

  • Whenever sexual intercourse does occur between a foster parent and a child that is foster. If this kind of sexual intercourse happens, the chronilogical age of consent is bumped as much as 18. Hence, a foster youngster would need to be 18 to prevent the foster moms and dad being in breach regarding the chronilogical age of permission law.
  • Whenever intercourse happens between an instructor (or college management worker) and students. The Supreme Court of the state of Washington has ruled that this law applies regarding students up to the age of 21. In this case
    • Consequently, a trained instructor whom partcipates in sexual intercourse having a pupil beneath the age of 21 violates this legislation.
  • Whenever sexual intercourse happens between two events that have a “significant relationship, ” the older individual has reached least 60 months avove the age of the more youthful individual, and also the older person abuses the partnership to result in the activity that is sexual. In a “significant relationship, ” the older person has/does:
    • Taken the duty, as a specialist or being a volunteer, for supplying training, wellness, welfare or activities that are recreational minors;
    • As an element of their work, supervise minors; and/or
    • Included in their work, offer care to your elderly and susceptible.

What’s the “Close in Age” Exemption?

Numerous states have actually guidelines permitting minors to consent to sexual activity with an individual who’s near in age for them, although they have been underneath the chronilogical age of permission. These laws and regulations in many cases are named “Romeo and Juliet” legislation, which suggest that if a person partner towards the sexual intercourse is underneath the chronilogical age of permission, nevertheless the lovers are very near in age, an exclusion was created to regulations.

Washington doesn’t have a Romeo and Juliet legislation, it is therefore still illegal for somebody beneath the age of 16 to take part in sexual intercourse with somebody somewhat older. This technically still violates the law for example, if one person who is two months shy of 16 engages in sexual activity with someone who has been 16 for two month.

There was an exclusion to the, whereby the events, if near in age, may lawfully participate in intimate task if they’re hitched. By way of example, if:

  • The more youthful individual is avove the age of 14 but more youthful than 16, they might lawfully participate in sexual intercourse making use of their spouse provided that the partner is not as much as 48 omegle search months older.
  • The more youthful individual is avove the age of 12 but more youthful than 14, they may lawfully participate in sexual intercourse making use of their partner provided that the spouse is significantly less than 3 years older.
  • The more youthful individual is more youthful than 12, they may lawfully take part in intercourse along with their partner, provided that the partner is not as much as a couple of years older.

The trend for the exception is that the individuals involved are married as you can see from above. If you should be not lawfully married and participate in sexual intercourse, then you’ll definitely never be protected because of the close in age exemption.

Exactly what are Washington’s Penalties for breaking the Age of Consent?

You will find serious charges for individuals who do break Washington’s chronilogical age of permission rules. Those underneath the chronilogical age of 16 are kids when it comes to purposes regarding the legislation. But then the older person is guilty of rape of a child if they have engaged in sexual activity with someone who is not their spouse, and who does not meet the close in age requirement. Severe prison some time financial fines are the charges for those crimes.

Washington has a wide range of punishments with regards to the precise nature associated with criminal activity. As an example, you can find three levels of extent for Child Molestation, which could cover anything from 5 years in prison to life in jail, in addition to a fine of $10,000 to $50,000. Nevertheless, each amount of extent is categorized as being a felony, which means that a conviction that is successful end in lifelong modifications.

There are three quantities of “rape of a young kid” that could bring about five years in jail to life in jail, along with a superb of $10,000 to $50,000. In these circumstances, both first and second level Rape of a young child is recognized as a course A felony, and also comparable quantities of punishment. The essential difference between very very first and 2nd level are the the circumstances of this criminal activity.

Finally, there is certainly intimate Misconduct with a small, which will be either a low-grade felony or perhaps a misdemeanor that is gross. It could be penalized by 1 to 5 years in jail and an excellent of $5,000 to $10,000.

The sort of extent associated with fee just isn’t constantly simple to figure out just before are formally charged because of the prosecutor. But knowing the exact cost, you’ll be able to better predict what kind of penalty or punishment perhaps you are dealing with.

Can I Consult a legal professional If we Violated the Age of Consent in Washington State?

In the event that you or your child are a victim of a violation of the laws as described above, a criminal defense attorney may be able to assist you if you have been accused of statutory rape, or. A skilled Washington defense that is criminal might help either you to manage the fees you may be dealing with, or in searching for a legal fix for the punishment you or your youngster has experienced.


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