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The Censorship Committee will inspect gaming software and ban any content which is against public order and good moral of the citizen, or any content which scrutinizes public security and/or the dignity of Thai nation. If no such forbidden content is found, the Committee shall grant the permission to sell the game software in Thailand4. Moreover, business entrepreneurs who engage in the business of selling game software are subject to obtaining a license to sell gaming software under Section 54 of the FVA. Game software to be imported and sold in Thailand is subject to the inspection of its contents by the Film and Video Censorship Committee (the “Censorship Committee”) under Section 47 of the FVA3.

gambling in thailand

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An unknown person then shot and killed the first gunman and fled before police could arrive from a nearby precinct, Pakapong siad. Wathaseth was not on duty Monday night and was apparently taking part in the gambling, Pakapong said at a news conference Tuesday. For security purposes and to provide you a better experience, Etsy will stop supporting Internet Explorer in the near future. Thailand’s booming tourism sector, with more than 30 million visitors annually, including some 10 million from China, is a target market for the casino and leisure industry.

The next generation search tool for finding the right lawyer for you. They call compulsive gambling ‘the hidden illness’, because there are no physical symptoms, but just like nicotine, alcohol and drugs, gambling can be highly addictive.

Visanu said initial planning has placed at least one major casino resort in the greater Bangkok area with another expected in the resort destination of Phuket Island in southern Thailand. People maneuvre a small boat along the Mekong river in front of the Kings Roman casino opposite Sop Ruak in the Golden Triangle region where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet, Jan. 15, 2012.

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  • The country disallows any form of betting except for horse races and Thai lottery.
  • The Gambling Act 1935 is the primary law that stipulates what are the only allowed forms of betting Thai residents can engage in.
  • Thailand is a country of many possibilities, except maybe for gambling.
  • Any act that appears to be gambling or betting such as playing cards or gambling devices, even without monetary gain is illegal.
  • Although it seems Thailand’s gambling laws are well established, there are subtly hints that the government may soon be forced to soften its stance and introduce regulation.

In reality, the evil woman has not accosted my wife, and hopefully my wife will never be foolish enough to take such a gamble. I did have that dream though, and I really do know a hell of a lot of friends and colleagues who have had their lives torn apart by their Thai wife’s addiction to gambling. I had a dream one night long ago in the distant past, in the dream my wife was suddenly accosted by an evil woman who proclaimed she had come to claim what was owed to her by way of gambling debts accrued by my wife. Not small debts, not merely a few thousand baht, but the house I worked so hard to save for, the home of my children. TreatmentMost treatment plans for gambling addictions involve a combination of counseling, self help, step-based programs, medication and peer support.

A lottery contract or a raffle contract is binding if the lottery of the raffle is specially authorized or ratified by the Government. An initial investigation found that the other dead man had shot the police officer and then turned and fired wildly at the crowd, killing the two women.

Relying on others to relieve desperate financial situations as a result of gambling. The need to gamble with increasing amounts of money so as to achieve the desired effect. This is the urge to continuously gamble even though there is a desire to stop and the consequences are negative and harmful.

gambling in thailand


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