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Each row of boxes is a feed, with the most recent post in a box on the left and older posts streaming to the right. KPMG International reserves the right to discontinue our feeds and podcasts at any time. All content, imagery and logos that appear within the RSS feed and podcasts are owned by KPMG International and all rights are reserved. There are a lot of readers out there and I decided a while back that I didn’t want a standalone reader anymore. I haven’t looked at any other readers lately because I like this one.

Starting with the obvious, Newsify is more of a magazine style experience than it is an RSS feed. Newsify does have a list view though which can be accessed inside any feed in order to display a simpler way of scrolling through articles. There’s no denying the interface is nicely done and manages to balance magazine style with quick reading.

As soon as you add your new feed, the latest articles from each source will be automatically downloaded to your reader. RSS feeds bring timely information straight to your desktop.

Tell Faast what you want to know about and it can deliver real time push notifications for breaking news that’s important to you. Not only that, you can link up social accounts and receive customized notifications for those too. This makes Faast a great tool for journalists and anyone else in a professional where breaking news is extremely important. Faast is subscription based so how much you’ll pay will depend on how many sources you need notifications for.

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There’s also a dark theme included for night time reading. Faast is a subscription based news and RSS app that goes way beyond just refreshing your news feeds in the background.

  • There’s also no word on a logging policy, something fundamentally important to anyone wishing to use this as a secure, anonymous VPN.
  • Due to the lack of info and features, I would not suggest using it for the time being if you’re looking for a serious VPN solution.
  • It doesn’t come with any features commonly found on paid VPN services, such as DNS leak protection, kill switch, or the option to change your ports.
  • Instead, when you click on “download” for Mac or Windows, or go to the Google Play Store or iTunes, you’ll either find that it downloads pretty easily, or you’ll run into errors.

You can monitor news, blogs, job listings, personals, and classifieds from various Web sites. Information is pushed directly to you from selected Web sites. Instead of having to go to the FICPA, New York Times, Washington Post, and all your favorite blogs, you just open up your RSS Reader. For casual readers or hobbyists that like to save articles or prefer magazine style reading, Flipboard is hands down the best choice. Newsify provides Feedly account support or manual entry which then syncs with iCloud.

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